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Pentagon says Russia’s warning against Sweden-Finland alliance membership bid is “worrying”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States was ready to provide military assistance to Sweden and Finland if needed, as they waited for NATO’s response to their membership application.

On Sunday, both Finland and Sweden announced their intention to formally join NATO, despite Russia’s repeated warnings. Moscow, which views NATO expansion as a direct threat to its own security, has previously promised adequate response.

In a BBC interview, which was recorded on Friday and aired on Sunday, Kirby said Russia’s warnings were “Definitely related.

“But it is not up to Russia to decide whether Finland and Sweden will be NATO allies, it is up to the people of Finland and the people of Sweden.A U.S. military spokesman said.

Sweden approves NATO membership bid

Asked if the United States would send troops if Finland and Sweden invaded, Kirby initially said he did not want to speculate on a speculative situation but gave a detailed response.

He stressed that both Finland and Sweden “There are very modern military forces“US forces”Comfortable to work with.Closer ties between Washington and the two northern European countries, according to Kirby, would allow Washington to provide military assistance to Helsinki and Stockholm.

If they need some additional powers or support during their application to NATO and their accession to NATO, we will be able to provide some additional assistance if needed.“She is OK.

Sweden and Finland, which share a long border with Russia, have decided to reconsider their long-standing non-alignment policy following a major shift in public opinion following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to a recent poll, a majority in both countries now support NATO membership.

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