Miss Paris Street Art Legend. Tick ​​died at the age of 66

Miss Paris Street Art Legend.  Tick ​​died at the age of 66

Miss.Tic’s work often included cunning wordplay and flowing black-haired heroines. (File)


Miss.Tic, whose provocative images originated in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris in the mid-80s and made her a pioneer of French street art, died Sunday at the age of 66, her family told AFP.

Radhia Novat grew up on a narrow street in the shadow of the Sacramento-Basilica, the daughter of a Tunisian father and mother in Normandy, western France, where she began chanting slogans of deception and liberation.

His family said he died of an unspecified illness.

Miss.Tic’s work often included cunning wordplay – almost always lost in translation – and a flowing black-haired heroine who saw herself as an artist, and pictures hung on walls across the capital.

“I had a background in street theater, and I liked the idea of ​​street art,” Miss Tick said in a 2011 interview.

“At first I thought, ‘I’ll write poetry.’ And then, with these poems, ‘We need pictures.’ I start with self-portraits and then move on to other women,” she said.

A common example from his first day: “I shake your night with every compromise.”

His works were soon exhibited in galleries in France and abroad, some acquired by the Victoria Museum in London and the Paris Modern Art Fund at the Albert Museum, according to his website.

Miss.Tic also drew the attention of law enforcement agencies to allegations of damage to public property, which led to her arrest in 1997, and in a spell she was a favorite of fashion brands such as Kenzo and Louis Vuitton.

“I often use modern women, whom they show us in fashion and advertising. So it is not often understood that you can be young and beautiful and have something to say,” she told AFP in 2011.

“But it’s true that they sell whatever they want with beautiful women. So I thought, I’ll use these women to sell poetry.”

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