Monitor lizards blamed for floods in Bangkok district: report

Monitor lizards blamed for floods in Bangkok district: report

Monitor lizards are very common in Thailand

A stray monitor lizard has been blamed for massive flooding in a district of Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkhen district has also been hit by heavy rains recently. The monitor lizard disrupts a large water pump and is unable to pump flood water during heavy rains. A repair team was dispatched and the monitor found the lizard stuck in a water pump which stopped its work.

Bangkok has a vast and extensive drainage system that involves a water pump network. These water pumps usually have wire mesh so that these reptiles cannot enter but the smaller members of the species are able to enter.

Talking to it Bangkok Post “Monitor lizards are often seen near water,” said Rujira Mahapram, an expert at Save Wildlife Thailand. Someone might be looking for a place to get into the pump. The animals find easy access to Bangkok’s extensive drainage network. “

He added that “preventing monitor lizards from entering the pump is not an easy task.”

The water level in the district has risen dramatically due to traffic jams caused by the floods.

According to Thai PBS World Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha himself inspected the drainage system in Bangkhen District and instructed government officials to ensure that the pumps were in working condition and operational around the clock.

A very common video of the monitor lizard in Thailand has gone viral. A few months ago, an unidentified woman was standing in her chair and screaming when she saw a reptile on the ground.

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