Monkeypox conspiracy theory, blaming US for leak, cyclone in China

Monkeypox conspiracy theory, blaming US for leak, cyclone in China

In Europe and the US, more than 100 suspected and confirmed cases have been reported. (Reuters photo)

Chinese social media users say the United States could be the source of the rise in monkeypox cases, which have so far been reported in at least a dozen countries. Viral infections have been one of the top trends on the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo for the past three days. Fate Report

News of MonkeyPix’s suspected cases in the United States has been the most viewed on Weibo, receiving 51 million views, the publication added.

Five cases of the infection are now confirmed or probable and the number could rise, the news agency AFP reported Monday.

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Massachusetts has a confirmed U.S. infection and there are four more cases of people infected with the orthopoxivirus – a family member of the monkeypox, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and senior prevention officials said in a press briefing.

Fortune reports that China’s state media has so far not blamed the United States for deliberately spreading MonkeyPix, but social media users have not backed down.

Many Chinese social media influencers, such as Shu Chang, who has 6.41 million Weibo followers, have used the 2021 report on the bio-security preparedness plan of the US non-governmental organization, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, to spread fear.

The report included a scenario of a monkeypox epidemic, but took it out of context to suggest that the U.S. government knew the outbreak was coming, the outlet reported.

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Shoe’s post has been liked by over 7,500 users and received over 660 comments. One user said in a reply that the United States is “evil beyond the imagination of mankind”, according to Fortune.

Both the United States and China have been embroiled in controversy over the origin of the coronavirus. Although China has unconfirmed claims that the virus was created at a U.S. military base, U.S. media outlets have complained that the virus may have leaked from a research center in Wuhan, where Kovid was first identified.

Monkeypox has smallpox-like symptoms but is much less severe, with most people recovering within a week.

Infection with monkeypox can occur through close skin-to-skin contact with someone who has an active rash, or who has a sore on the face and who has been around another person for long periods of time.

The virus causes rashes, focuses on skin lesions, or spreads more widely. In some cases, in the early stages, rashes may begin in the genital or perianal area.

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