NASA accuses China of stealing space technology

NASA accuses China of stealing space technology

“I believe we are in a space competition with China,” said NASA’s Bill Nelson. (File)


The US space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has accused China of stealing unclassified American technology, ranging from military secrecy to medical research.

During a May 17 hearing in the U.S. House Appropriations Committee, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson accused the Chinese Communist Party of stealing the most important technical privacy in the United States, the Singapore Post reported.

“Yes, they are very good at stealing, and I think it’s our responsibility to take cyber security very, very seriously,” Nelson said.

This is in response to a question raised by Robert Aderholt, a U.S. representative and member of the committee, who noted that there are similarities between spacecraft built between private U.S. companies and state-run Chinese companies.

“We cannot ignore the threats posed by China and our adversaries who are advancing technology, production and exploration on a daily basis,” the Singapore Post quoted Aderholt as saying.

“For a very long time, we have allowed China and other adversaries to challenge our space dominance, and their ambitions continue to grow,” he said. ., As a matter of national defense, “Aderholt quoted the report further.

Significantly, the U.S. government has advised private industry that China is engaged in a committed effort to illegally acquire technologies essential to every sector of the U.S. economy, especially its military modernization efforts, the Singapore Post reports.

Referring to this, Aderholt called the US technology necessary for gaining political dominance in space as a valuable product of the country.

Bill Nelson responded to Aderholt by saying, “I believe we are, and I said this publicly before we thought we were in space competition with China,” adding that it would define the strategic and military situation in the world for decades to come. .

Experts warn that China’s space program is a military threat to Western powers, the report said. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said the United States needed to build offensive space weapons to counter the threat. China has not hidden its ambitions for space. An official white paper details the communist regime’s plans to become the world’s leading “space power.”

Meanwhile, Chinese space experts have condemned NASA’s claim, stressing that despite the country’s strict blockade, China has gained space outside the United States because China is taking the road to independent space development, according to Chinese media reports.

Deng Yulin, an academician at the International Academy of Astronomy, has exposed the double standard of the NASA chief, according to the Global Times.

“The NASA chief’s accusation is not only unreasonable but also ridiculed by history,” said another expert.

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