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Researchers have discovered highly reactive trioxide that can be dangerous to human health

Scientists have discovered highly reactive chemical compounds that form under natural atmospheric conditions but can pose a threat to human health and the environment. Although the existence of these compounds – known as trioxide and the binding of three oxygen atoms together – was theoretically created, researchers at the University of Copenhagen confirmed their presence in the air in a study published in the journal Science on Thursday.

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Trioxide is highly flammable and explosive. These are formed by atmospheric decomposition of common substances released into the atmosphere, such as isoprene and dimethyl sulfide – in fact “From almost all chemical compoundsAccording to co-author Jing Chen, created by the reaction between two types of radicals, they last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, during which time they can react with other compounds in the air.

During that time, newly discovered chemicals could be able to break down aerosols, which could cause tiny airborne particles and health risks that could lead to cardiovascular and respiratory disease, the researchers observed. The new compounds that are formed when trioxides combine with aerosols have not been studied and their effects on humans have not been known.

In addition, researchers have noted that trioxides can affect how many aerosol particles are produced. This could potentially affect climatic aspects, such as how much sunlight is reflected in space or absorbed in cloud formation, both affecting Earth’s temperature.

The study’s co-author Kristen Moeller noted that “Most human activity leads to the release of chemicals into the atmosphere“His newly co-author Eva Kezgergard points out that the newly discovered compounds are not a new arrival in the atmosphere.”These compounds are always around – we didn’t know about them

Researchers, then, are not worried about the potential dangers of their discovery. Instead, they see it as an opportunity. “We now have evidence that compounds are formed and survive for a certain period of time, which means that their effects can be further studied and it is possible to react if they become dangerous.“, Explains senior author Henrik Kessergaard.

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Trioxide – specifically hydrotrixide, the type of chemical that researchers at the university initially found – exists in the atmosphere at a concentration of 10 million per cubic centimeter, about one tenth of the concentration of hydroxyl (OH) radicals, considered one of the most important in the atmosphere. Oxidants and 1 million particles per cubic centimeter. According to researchers, 1% of all isoprene – one of the most commonly released organic compounds – decomposes into hydrothroxide released into the atmosphere.

The discovery suggests that there may be more in the air that we do not yet knowChen noticed, insisting that “As researchers, we need to keep an open mind if we want to do better in finding solutions

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