New York raises “medium” to “high” covid warnings as infection increases

New York raises covid warning from 'medium' to 'high' as ​​infection increases

New York City raised its COVID-19 alert level from “low” to “moderate” in early May. (Representative)

New York:

New York City, the largest city in the United States, raised its COVID-19 alert level from “moderate” to “high” on Tuesday as infections continued to rise in recent weeks.

The rating means there is a high COVID-19 community spread and enough pressure on the city’s healthcare system.

“New York City has been transformed into a high-level alert level, meaning now is the time to double protect ourselves and each other, which can protect our friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues from getting sick,” said Dr. Ashwin Bhasan. , City health commissioner.

The guideline requires New Yorkers to wear face masks in all public indoor settings and crowded outdoor settings and to avoid high-risk activity.

New York City raised its COVID-19 alert level from “low” to “moderate” in early May.

While this is just one step away from reaching the highest COVID-19 warning level, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Monday, “We are not in the process of making the mask mandatory.”

The percentage of seven-day average positive COVID-19 test results rose to 5.18 percent in New York City on Monday, the lowest among the 10 regions of New York State, according to data released by the state on Tuesday.

The number of new COVID-19 cases has been rising daily in the United States since the beginning of April, and the death toll from the epidemic has exceeded 1 million in the country.

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