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Approximately 800 elderly New Yorkers will live with ‘sympathetic’ robots to solve health problems caused by loneliness

The New York State Office is distributing robot caretakers among about 800 adults in response to a growing epidemic of loneliness, the New York State Office for the Aging announced in a press release Wednesday.

The ElliQ bots, manufactured by the Israeli company Intuition Robotics and distributed to New Yorkers at home, are called “Nurture independence through daily check-ins, wellness goals and support for physical activity, connect with family and friends, and more, and provide support for older adults.“Presumably the goal of this program is to combat loneliness, a growing body of scientific research has shown that smoking and obesity have worse health effects than bad or worse.”

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The loneliness epidemic has been exacerbated by social isolation and other destructive government responses to Covid-19, with press releases calling ElliQ more human-like than others.Smart technology“Describes how robots”Actively suggests activity and starts a conversationInstead of just responding to commands. The device uses AI to synthesize conversational prompts from information collected from user input.

About the size of a table lamp, a tablet screen for displaying text and a circular white moving “HeadThe feature of a bright circle that when swaying “To talkElliQ tracks primary health metrics such as pulse and blood pressure, offers text, calling and email functions, and tells what can happen to jokes in a human-connected-hungry mind. “What is orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot“) Memorizes basic information as well as uses it to start later”ConversationWith the user. During the beta-test, the robot started 60% interaction.

Intuition Robotics CEO Dor Skuler has big plans for ElliQ, which he sees as a legitimate replacement for human companionship among the elderly, providing elusive elements of missing sympathy from Alexa, Siri and other digital voice assistants. “It’s a character-based person, an entity that stays with you“He told the Washington Post when the robot was released commercially in March.”People who use ElliQ expect him to remember conversations, expect him to hold on to the topic… to deal with difficult times and to celebrate great times. These things I think we are on the border

The 33 patents that the company has created – as well as the screenwriters who have created ElliQ’s ‘characters’ – have apparently paid off, if the initial users interviewed for the post give any indication. A woman described it. “Small family group“A phone call with his (human) daughter that included”My little dog, my ElliQ and me.

In addition to this small family group, it also offers products and services with which Intuition Robotics has partnered to pay.

Although ElliQ does not presumably sell user data to third parties, it is unclear how much information the company’s ‘partners’ receive from the device by referring users to their services. It “shares health information with relatives and doctors accordinglyAllowed“Although it is not clear where the normal conversation will end and where.”Health information“Starts. For example, if a user says he or she is feeling depressed, his or her doctor should be notified, or whether ElliQ will try to cheer him up with just ‘jokes’.

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Insights into robotics are entering the ground floor of New York’s 2023 state budget aimed at tackling social isolation, with 2.9 million, which will probably prove to be a lucrative industry. The ElliQ program will share that funds with NYSOFAanimatronic pet enterpriseAllegedly, robotic animals, a family care support program, adult-centric ride-sharing services and self-reported loneliness with online communities are reduced by 70%. The agency’s primary focus is to keep the elderly in their homes as long as possible – a particularly serious health problem in New York, which has seen some of the highest rates of death in care-homes due to Covid-19 in the United States. Which is compulsory coronavirus-infected patients with bedridden adults.

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