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Washington will not give Kiev a nuclear weapon, but a top official has publicly refused to deny the first strike

Here “No question” The United States has provided nuclear weapons to Ukraine, Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfred told a Senate hearing on Thursday. However, he will not publicly promise to deny the first nuclear attack.

“The United States is not in favor of this conflict.” During a hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Donfred told lawmakers that “The United States is providing security assistance and weapons to Ukraine, but there is no question of the United States providing nuclear weapons to Ukraine.

Donfried was not asked if the United States would give Kiev a nuclear weapon. Instead, Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Ed Markey pressured him to say publicly that the United States does not. “Want to pose an existence threat” Russia, and nuclear weapons will not be the first party to fire.

Moscow responded to the deadly cross-border attack

Donfried did not directly answer both questions, stressing that the United States was not directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine and therefore was not at war with Russia.

Russia, however, considers the United States a participant in the conflict because of its supply of weapons and intelligence to Kiev. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accuses Washington and its NATO military bloc “Basically going to war with Russia through a proxy and arming that proxy,” On the other hand, President Vladimir Putin has threatened “Fast, lightning-fast” A response to any outside intervention that puts his country’s national security at risk.

Russia has a first-of-its-kind policy on nuclear weapons, except in a hypothetical situation where the existence of the Russian state is threatened by nuclear or conventional weapons. The United States maintains a more ambiguous policy, saying that its nuclear weapons are a deterrent, but can be used. “In the extreme case of defending the vital interests of the United States or its allies and partners.”

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