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Oslo says Norwegian people and their economy are being hurt by rising oil and gas prices

Norway has made it clear that it will not bow to Poland’s demands to share growing profits from the oil and gas trade with Warsaw or Kiev.

On Sunday, Polish Prime Minister Mateus Morawicki claimed that Norway would earn an additional € 100 billion ($ 106.9 billion) from energy sales this year due to the conflict in Ukraine and the rise in oil and gas prices due to international sanctions on Russia.

“They should share this extra profit. It’s not normal, it’s unfair. It is a war started by an indirect victim [Russian President Vladimir] Petni” The prime minister stressed that Oslo’s money should be sent to Ukraine, not Poland.

Moravicio also called on the young Poles to shame their Norwegians “Friends” Huge amounts of gas profits online push the country into wealth sharing.

However, Norway’s Deputy Foreign Minister Evin Vad Petersen on Monday questioned Morawei’s account.

Poland asks Norway to transfer oil revenues

He explained that the excess oil and gas revenues go to the country’s pension fund, also known as the oil fund, which was established in 1990 to serve the present and future generations of Norwegians.

“Although the war in Ukraine has increased petroleum revenues, the value of funds has declined,” he said. What Peterson mentioned.
Since the beginning of the year, the pension fund has lost 550 billion Norwegian kroner (about $ 56 billion) due to instability in the stock market, the diplomat said.

“The Norwegian economy and Norwegian consumers are also being hurt by the high prices of electricity and petrol,” he said. He added.

Also on Monday, the Polish government, a strong supporter of Kiev in its dispute with Moscow, announced the cancellation of its natural gas supply agreement with Russia without waiting for its term to expire at the end of 2022.

“After 30 years, it can be said that relations between Poland and Russia in the gas industry have ended,” Piotr Naimsky, the Polish commissioner for strategic energy infrastructure, described the move.

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Russian gas giant Gazprom cut off gas supplies to Poland in April after refusing to switch to Ruble payments for Warsaw deliveries. The new rules for so-called “friendly countries” were introduced by Moscow in response to sanctions and the accumulation of Russian foreign assets.

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