Pearl Jam makes teenagers’ dreams come true

'Everybody, this is Kai': Pearl Jam makes Tin's dream come true

A teenager from the United States has had the opportunity to perform with her favorite band.

Many fans go to the concert of their famous artist or group, hoping to get a chance to meet their idols. But a teenager from the United States got a chance to perform with his favorite band Pearl Jam.

The legendary rock band was going to perform in Oakland, California when news spread that their regular drummer COVID-19 had been infected. Pearl Jam went ahead with the concert on Friday, and invited 18-year-old fan Kai Newcarmans to the stage who gladly offered to help her.

In a video shared on the band’s YouTube channel, which is now going viral, frontman Eddie Vader introduced the high school student to the crowd, “Everyone, this Kai; Kai, this all.”

“You’re leading the band, bro,” he added.

The San Francisco Chronicle Kai and his brother Manoa reportedly returned to Los Angeles to watch the band perform. But the young drummer couldn’t believe his luck when he got the chance to perform with the legends in California.

“It was a last-minute thing, and I didn’t think it would work,” he told the Chronicle.

The band performed “Mind Your Manners” at the concert. The performance video has received over 2.2 million views and over 1,500 likes so far.

Users have flooded the comments section praising Kai’s performance.

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“She is OK. What an opportunity for this young child, “wrote one user.

“So proud of this guy !! and giving him a chance at Pearl Jam. I’ve added everyone to my Spotify listening experience! What a great graduation presentation, Rocking Out with Pearl Jam! Go Kai,” commented a second user.

“I was there! It was epic. The audience went insane. He looked at the crowd as he was about to start, and I looked into the wide corner of the Coliseum and everyone was rejoicing. His expression was priceless. He started it and rocked,” A third user wrote.

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