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The deal will see Raytheon replenish supplies of Stinger missiles already sent to Ukraine.

The Pentagon on Wednesday awarded a 624 million deal to arms giant Raytheon to replenish more than 1,400 Stinger anti-air missiles sent to Ukraine’s military. The agreement comes after President Joe Biden signed a bill approving $ 40 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

According to a notice on the Department of Defense’s website, the agreement must be fulfilled by July 2026, giving Raytheon four years to build a shoulder-fired missile. According to a company statement, Raytheon will produce 1,300 Stingers.

Although Raytheon stopped making these missiles in 2020, the defense agency won a deal to resume production in 2021, primarily for foreign buyers, Reuters reported. Greg Hayes, CEO of Raytheon, said in April that the US military had not bought a Stinger in 18 years, and that some electronic components of the missile needed to be redesigned because some components were no longer commercially available.

Ukraine has promised to restore the Black Sea with foreign weapons

Earlier this month, Republican Mike Gallagher (Wisconsin) warned that the United States had run out of stockpiles of Stinger and Javelin missiles in a bid to arm Ukraine’s military since the start of the Russian military operation in February. According to an April report, the Pentagon burned a quarter of its stingers and a third of its javelins at the time.

The deal will be financed by a huge $ 40 billion allocation bill, which was signed into law by President Joe Biden last week. The bill already pays $ 8.7 billion to backfill U.S. military stockpiles sent to Ukraine.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. A U.S. intelligence source told CNN last month that the agency “Almost zero” Describes shipments as a drop where U.S. weapons end up after crossing the border into Ukraine “In a big black hole.”

Russia announces Western arms embargo on Ukraine “Legitimate target” And often carried out air and missile attacks against them.

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