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A brutal massacre in the Polish capital, Warsaw, last weekend has sparked outrage in the country. A man was stabbed to death during a fight with several assassins after he was confronted by a group of young women harassing him. Many thought the perpetrators were immigrants.

The incident happened on Sunday morning on New World Street, a historic street in downtown Warsaw. On Thursday, city police released a photo of one of the suspects taken from a CCTV camera and called on the public to assist in the investigation.

The deadly brawl and its aftermath were apparently illustrated by a pedestrian. An alleged video of the incident shows a man fighting at least three different opponents. He was shown holding on to the ground and kicking assailants when people saw him or easily passed by.

Contains another one Graphic image Victim is covered in blood and lying on the floor of a store while people are trying to stop the bleeding. Both videos were apparently shot by the same person who commented on Surajik’s case, a language mixed with Russian and Ukrainian, which is widely spoken in some parts of Ukraine. The cameraman has a distinct Ukrainian accent and commented with some pleasure that his footage would help police identify and apprehend the attackers.

According to some Polish media reports, the clashes erupted after a group of immigrants started harassing a young woman on the street. The victim is said to have come to her rescue and paid for it with her life. Some believe the attackers themselves were Ukrainians, but there is no evidence to support that claim.

The incident took place in the center of the city of Warsaw, and many witnesses were indifferent to the killing of a man in front of them, making the incident national news in Poland. Some public figures have said it is a wake-up call for the authorities to take a zero-tolerance attitude towards foreigners who abuse the country’s hospitality.

Victory Day attacks on women in Poland (video)

Prominent conservative Polish lawyer Jerzy Kovasniewski says the only way to crack down on crime is to endure the violence perpetrated by immigrants and the so-called “no-go zone” where the police do not dare to go. MEP Janus Ozczykowski confronted the issue of segregation of immigrants, and the two agreed that all perpetrators should be held equally accountable.

The leader of the extremist National Movement Party, MP Robert Winicky, criticized right-wing Polish conservative government while commenting on the death on New World Street.

“Following the example of the West, the mass immigration policy pursued by PiS has a ‘Western’ effect,” He tweeted, referring to the ruling Law and Justice Party and its policy of encouraging guest workers from Ukraine to increase their workforce in Poland.

Liberal-conservative journalist Lucas Warjecha called for a halt to the decision, citing a lack of evidence to identify the perpetrators as immigrants in the first place.

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