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Authorities reportedly shot dead a man carrying a firearm in a Toronto residential area

In Toronto, Canada, a number of schools were locked down after a man was shot dead by police for firing on a firearm. Authorities have released some details about the deadly incident after two people were shot dead in the United States in recent days.

Toronto police responded “Report of a person carrying a firearm” The Ontario Special Investigation Unit (SIU) said in a press release that only one “Interaction” He was killed on the spot before a shootout between the two officers and the man.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Although local officials said a long barrel firearm was found at the scene, they added that it was too early to say whether the man was using the weapon when he was shot and an investigation was under way.

Some media reports suggest that the suspect was old “In his late teens or early 20’s,” And those eyewitnesses heard three shots before the police saw the man trying to resuscitate.

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Police said the shootings triggered various levels of lockdown in at least five local schools. A spokesman for the Toronto School Board noted that the school near the scene did not appear to be related to the incident and the board announced that the lockdown had been lifted about two hours later.

Commenting on a press briefing later in the day, Toronto Police Chief James Rammer noted the two mass shootings in the United States this month. “Being close to a school, I must understand trauma and how painful it has been for staff, students and parents because of two recent incidents in the United States.”

Two days ago, a teenage gunman entered an elementary school in Texas and killed 19 children and two adults, while another mass gunman in Buffalo, New York, killed 10 people at a supermarket earlier this month.

Without elaborating on Rom’s case, he said: “Forbidden” From sharing the results of the provincial investigators, and finally addressing the journalists for only 10 minutes. He mentioned the incident “Different” And there was no ongoing threat to that public, anyway.

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