Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden will continue talks on Ukraine

Prime Minister Modi will continue talks in Ukraine on the sidelines of the Quad Summit

Prime Minister Modi said India and the United States would discuss ways to consolidate multilateral bilateral relations. (File)


A bilateral meeting between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue, along with a meeting of the Quartet (QAD) to be held in Tokyo on Tuesday, a “constructive and simple” dialogue. On the situation in Ukraine.

Speaking on the sidelines of the US President’s bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Modi in Japan, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said: And it will be simple. “

Ahead of Modi’s visit to Japan, the prime minister said he would also hold a bilateral meeting with President Biden. He said the two countries would discuss ways to consolidate multilateral bilateral relations.

“We will continue our dialogue on regional development and contemporary global issues,” he added.

It comes as India on Saturday reiterated its call for an immediate end to hostilities in Ukraine, saying “the path to diplomacy and dialogue” is the best way to resolve the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In a press briefing on the Prime Minister’s visit to Japan, Foreign Secretary Binoy Mohan Quatra said: “Our position on Ukraine is quite clear and has been re-established many times. Policy. “

Prime Minister Modi further said on Sunday that the leaders at the Quad Summit would once again have the opportunity to discuss various initiatives and issues of mutual interest.

“This evening, I am leaving for Japan to attend the Second Private Quad Summit. The leaders will again have the opportunity to discuss various quad initiatives and other issues of mutual interest,” the Prime Minister said.

The Quad is a grouping of countries that share the core values ​​of democracy, pluralism and market economy, and its corporations are formed primarily with the goals of promoting peace and stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.

The Quad Group was formed to protect strategic and significant sea lanes in the Indo-Pacific region, while another major objective of the alliance is to provide financial assistance to indebted countries in the Indo-Pacific region. The Times reported.

China has often criticized the security alliance because it sees it as a process to control its global rise. The country has accused the group of being dedicated to undermining its interests.

China is also concerned that South Korea is also planning to join the quad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to Tokyo on Tuesday to attend a summit of quad leaders, where he will be accompanied by opponents from Japan and Australia, as well as US President Joe Biden. The leaders will review the progress of the Quad initiative and the working group, identify new areas of collaboration and provide strategic direction and vision for future collaboration.

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