Psaki will be appearing on MSNBC this fall

Biden’s former spokesman will cover this year’s election for the Liberal Network

Former White House press secretary Jane Saki will cover this year’s midterm elections on MSNBC, the network announced Tuesday. Saki is the latest in a long line of government officials, police and spies to land a TV spot after leaving Washington.

Saki left the White House earlier this month amid rumors that an agreement was being worked out between him and MSNBC. Although MSNBC employees feared that such an agreement would happen “Scandal” The supposedly non-partisan image of the network has gone through the deal, and MSNBC president Rashida Jones announced on Tuesday.

In a statement, Jones said the network chose Saki for him “Extensive experience in government and campaign paths and perspectives as White House and Washington insiders.”

“He is a familiar face and trusted authority to MSNBC viewers, and we look forward to seeing him in this election season.” Jones continues.

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NBC staff fears for the brand’s integrity if Saki is hired – media

In addition to her upcoming work as a political commentator, Saki will host her own show on MSNBC’s streaming service Peacock in early 2023.

Saki is rarely a trailblazer to leave Washington for a cable news career. MSNBC has hired many prominent officials as commentators, most notably those who have worked for U.S. law enforcement and espionage. They include former CIA director John Brennan, former acting DEA director Chuck Rosenberg and former FBI assistant director Frank Figueroa.

David Axelrod, a former adviser to Barack Obama, got a job at MSNBC after leaving the White House, as did Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s first press secretary, and Shakir Boss between 2009 and 2011. The White House, Karin Jean-Pierre, has previously served as a political analyst on the network between the Obama and Biden campaigns.

MSNBC is not the only network to snap former White House spokespersons. Two months after Donald Trump left office last year, Fox News hired its last press secretary, Kyle McIntyre, as a contributor. MSNBC is not the only network to recruit from the intelligence agencies of the democratic administration.

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In recent years, CNN has hired James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, Michael Hayden, former CIA and NSA director, and Andrew McCabe, former deputy director of the FBI, as commentators. Like MSNBC, former CNN executives often find their way back into government. Anthony Blinken was a CNN contributor after serving as Obama’s deputy national security adviser and is now Biden’s secretary of state. Samantha Vinograd served on Obama’s National Security Council before joining CNN, and then returned to Washington as a senior member of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security.

In a statement about his transfer to MSNBC, Saki said his contributions to the network would be directly affected by his time in the Biden administration. “My time in government, from the White House to the State Department, and his national political campaign a few years ago, will ignite the insights and perspectives I brought to this next chapter.” He said.

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