Pugas is twice as likely to experience health disorders: study

Pugas is twice as likely to experience health disorders: study

Pugs usually have a number of medical conditions associated with breathing, skin as well as their back.

A study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College in London revealed that dogs face serious health conditions and are “not considered normal dogs from a health standpoint”. The study, which compared 4,308 pugs and 21,835 non-pugs, found that pugs were twice as likely to experience one or more health disorders a year.

Talking to it BBC, Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Maifanui Hill said, “The problem you got is a dog with a small skull, but nothing else is equally small about the dog.” He added that “their brains are stuck in a very small box”.

The surgeon says there are a number of medical conditions that are commonly associated with breathing, skin and back. The narrow nostrils of this species make it incredibly difficult for them to breathe and they often have to breathe through their mouths.

They also have a higher risk of skin infections because of the extra skin around their face that can cause sores and itching. Even the tail of the pug, which is considered beautiful by many, is due to a “deformed vertebra” which can lead to slip discs, according to Dr. Hill.

Pugs, Boxers, Bulldogs and Shih-tzus belong to the class of brachycephalic species and are characterized by their short snouts.

According to Guardian, In 2016, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) openly encouraged potential dog owners to choose healthy dogs. “The growing popularity of these dogs has led to increased animal suffering and, as a result, uncomfortable pets for owners, so we strongly encourage people to consider choosing a healthier breed or crossbreed,” said the BVA president.

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