Queen Elizabeth’s unpleasant reaction when it was said that she was leaving the “heartbeat of the nation”

See: Queen Elizabeth's irresistible reaction when she was told that the 'heartbeat of the nation' had gone viral

Internet users have turned this fun moment into a meme.

Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to a special moment during her televised platinum jubilee celebration has taken the internet by storm. On sunday ITV Has hosted the first celebrity-filled ceremony to mark the Queen’s 70th birthday on the throne. The gala was co-hosted by Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and British TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh, who later found himself at the center of one of the most shared moments of the event.

Congratulating the Queen of the United Kingdom, Mr Titchmarsh said: “This nation has a constant heartbeat, and that heart, Your Excellency, the Queen.”

For this, when the crowd started cheering and applauding, a video shows the Queen shaking her head in agreement – an invaluable response that has gone viral on social media. To capture the hilarious moment, Queen Elizabeth is seen shrugging her shoulders before the camera moves away from her.

Now, social media users have turned the ridiculous moment into a meme. Netizens also re-shared the video with humorous comments. “What can I say? The man has a point on his shoulder, “one wrote. Another said, “You know when you watch something live and you just know it’s going to be a meme forever.” “The Queen’s reaction when I pretend to understand a seminar is me,” III added.

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Meanwhile, another moment from Sunday ITV The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Viewers quickly flocked to social media to criticize Tom Cruise, who they said was stealing Jubilee spotlights. During the interview, when host Philip Schofield and Julie Echingham talked about their affection for the UK and especially the Queen, the 59-year-old actor focused on his upcoming movie.Top gun: MaverickMr Cruz spoke in detail about his film.

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