Russia has exploded France’s ‘colonial mentality’ in Africa

Russia’s top diplomat says the attitude of France and other EU countries towards Africa is “pure neo-colonialism”.

France, as well as other European countries, have consistently performed one “Colonial mentality” When it comes to African countries, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said. The top diplomat made the remarks during a joint news conference with his Malian counterpart Abdoulaye Diop after talks in Moscow on Friday.

As such, Paris has repeatedly expressed concern over growing security cooperation between Bamako and Moscow, Lavrov said. During the talks, the Russian side reiterated its readiness to continue supplies “Complex supportMalian in Bamako with training of armed and security forces.

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A flag bearer opens a military parade on Army Day, January 20, 2022, Kati, Mali
Mali has pulled out of a defense deal with France

“Their dissatisfaction with the Malian authorities’ decision to enlist the help of foreign powers to provide security and protection is nothing more than a resurgence of a colonial mentality that Europeans should have gotten rid of long ago.” Lavrov says.

Other European countries have shown similar views towards Africa, recalling a meeting with his French counterpart, Jean-Yves Le Drian, and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly last September.

“They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.” They have justified this position in a rather colonial way: Africa is an area of ​​responsibility, influence and EU interest. Lavrov says.

I cannot accept such an argument, it is pure neo-colonialism, the inability to break away from the old habits that left Africa in a very bad state during the day.

Mali is currently ruled by interim President Asimi Goita, an army colonel who led the 2020 military coup against then-President Ibrahim Bobakar Keita – as well as the May 2021 coup against his successor, Bah n’da.

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File photo: Malian troops patrol near Bamako during the August 2020 coup against President Ibrahim Bobakar Keita.  মাধ্যমে Stringer / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
The Western-backed coup has failed, the government claims

Relations between Mali and its former metropolis, France, have deteriorated since the latest coup. Paris, as well as other Western powers, have accused Goethe’s government of hiring Russian private military contractors to fight the Islamist insurgency in the north of the country.

The country has gradually suspended its cooperation with France, finally withdrawing from the defense pact with Paris earlier this month. Quoted by Bamako “Blatant violation” There are allegations of sovereignty of the country by the French forces deployed there.

This week, Mali also withdrew the G5 Sahel Force, a multinational task force that was established in 2017 to fight Islamic insurgency in the region. On the same day, Bamako revealed that it had suppressed a new coup attempt, it was alleged “Small group of progressive anti-Malian officers and non-commissioned officers” Supported by an indefinite “Western State.”

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