Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak banned for 1 year for wearing ‘Z’ symbol on podium

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak banned for 1 year for wearing 'Z' symbol on podium

Ivan Kuliak on stage for the bronze medal at the Apparatus World Cup event in Doha.

Ivan Kuliak – a Russian gymnast who stood on a medal podium wearing a symbol associated with his country’s invasion of Ukraine – has been banned for a year. Kuliyak featured the ‘Z’ symbol on her dress as she stood beside Kovatun Ilya of Ukraine, the gold medalist at the Apparatus World Cup event in Doha in March. People Report

The 20-year-old won bronze in the gymnastics event, the report added.

The ‘Z’ symbol has been seen on Russian tanks and vehicles in Ukraine and has come as a symbol of support for the attack.

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The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has asked the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF) to “open up disciplinary action” against Kuliak for his “shocking behavior”, a March 6 statement said.

The statement added that FIG had “taken further action” against Russia and Belarus.

On Tuesday, a disciplinary commission from the GEF found that the governing body of the sport, Culiac, had violated FIG rules.

“Mr. Kuliak has not been allowed to participate in FIG-approved events or competitions organized by an approved FIG member federation for one year from the date of this decision,” GEF said.

Kuliak has been asked to return his bronze medal and 500 Swiss francs ($ 500) prize money. The young gymnast has 21 days to appeal the sentence.

It was already decided that all Russian and Belarusian gymnasts would be banned from future competitions.

“If the protective measures to prevent Russian athletes from competing are still in force on May 17, 2023, the ban will remain in place and will expire six months after the removal of the aforementioned measures,” the GEF said.

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