Russian President Vladimir Putin undergoes new surgery amid speculation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has undergone new surgery amid speculation about his health: report

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Moscow. (AFP photo)

Amid speculation about his health, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently underwent surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen. To reveal Reported Wednesday. Russia’s foreign intelligence service has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

The “one on the night of May 12 to May 13” surgery was not associated with cancer, the report added.

Due to the surgery, Putin missed scheduled meetings with government officials. Instead, a pre-recorded video message from the president was played at the meeting, To reveal The report said.

The media outlet also released a translated sentence from the Telegram message, stating that “please note that this surgical procedure is not a surgery that has been recommended to the President and that has not yet been performed.”

The New York Post The day after Mr Putin’s surgery and subsequent recovery were reported to have been covered using “deepfake” technology.

However, NDTV cannot verify these claims.

Speculation has been rife around Mr Putin’s ill health over the past few weeks over the war in Ukraine, with former British spies claiming it was an “element” of what was happening in Ukraine.

Moreover, an oligarch with close ties to the Russian leader has been described as “very sick of Putin’s blood cancer.”

A recording obtained by a US magazine New lineAn unnamed oligarch has been heard discussing Mr Putin’s health with a Western venture capitalist.

News of the Russian president’s health has gained importance after leaders weakened at public events, including the Victory Day celebrations earlier this month. In photos and videos that went viral on social media, Mr Putin was seen with a thick green cover on his legs as he sat among World War II veterans to watch a military parade in Moscow’s Red Square.

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