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A director of the Washington State School Board plans to hold an event for children in his ‘all ages’ sex shop

The director of a school board in Washington state, who also owns a sex shop for all ages, plans to hold an event for children. “Quir Youth Open Mike Night” In his shop

Jane Mason, who is in her fifth year as a board member of Bellingham Public Schools, said the June 1 event will be held at her sex shop, Winkwink Boutique in Bellingham. All the weird young age “0 to 18 years old” According to a posting on the store’s website, people are invited to perform at the rally, sharing poems, music or a story.

“Celebrate the pride of youth,” Dr. for a free event in a Facebook post. “Let’s share and make room for this celebration and the stage for the young weird voices in our community.”

The liberal gender ideology imposed on children could change Western civilization for generations

Winkwink claims itself as one “Women-Owned, Identification-Included Sex Shop” Where “We celebrate sexual expression and exploration, remove embarrassment and help our customers love themselves and others better.” According to the store’s website. “We believe that normalizing, accepting and ensuring all organizations, identities and gender experiences is an innate political task. Happiness is our revolution. “

WinkWink has other special event headlines this month “Non-monogamy for newcomers” And “Restart your wish.” Mason bills himself as one “Sex Trainer, Educator” And “Criminal pleasure advocate.” She offers private sex coaching to her clients, resolving issues such as orgasm and orgasm. “To please yourself or your partner.”

Bellingham Public School has described his qualifications on its website rather differently, saying he is one “Small business owners are working with nonprofits and government agencies in asset development, communications and events.” The school district notes, too, that he “Has worked for families and children for 15 years, including one as a community educator and as a trauma counselor in public schools across Whatcom County.”

School officials have been arrested on charges of

Mason told Seattle radio host Jason Rantz that “Quir Youth Open Mike Night” Her role as a member of the school board was unrelated and the children would be separated from her shop area featuring graphic sex toys. Rantz said unprepared, “The sex shop is not living up to its promise of being ‘inclusive, never terrifying’. This incident is inappropriately inclusive and extremely frightening. “

The school district is trying to keep itself away from the event. A district spokesman told Fox News “Community events are not sponsored by our school or school district.”

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