Shoplifting Seagull seeks to knock out Tesco – RT World News

A cunning seagull has become a skilled shoplifter who is believed to have stolen around $ 375 (£ 300) a year from Tesco in Painton, England, according to a local media report released Tuesday .

Known “Steven SeagalDevon town residents believe the bird goes to the store about three times a day, waits for the automatic door to open before people enter, and grabs a bag of potato chips firmly to its lips.

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Although it is impossible to say how much the seagull actually stole from Tesco’s profits, it is thought to have made about 37 pounds (17 kilograms) of food.

Employees acknowledge “It happens at least once a day, often three times“And that Doritos Hall.”His favorite“They insist they are.”Get him away because we don’t want to lose stock“And is”Always keep an eye outBut the bird can avoid them anyway, captivating the city dwellers, who film him and watch his torture.

Although there is no indication that Steven Seagal learned his trade by watching people, non-avian breed shoplifting is on the rise in the UK, as police allege that theft of goods worth less than $ 250 (£ 200) is effectively criminal.

Shoplifting was on the rise before the Covid-19 lockdown, and that increase was halted when most British people were hiding in their homes, and it began to rise again after the ban was lifted.

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