Situation in Ukraine’s Lugansk region worsens “every hour”: Governor

The situation in the Lugansk region of Ukraine is deteriorating 'every hour': the governor

Ukraine war: Mariupol-like situation exists in Lugansk region, says Governor Sergei Gaidai


The governor of Ukraine’s eastern Lugansk region said on Tuesday that the situation there was deteriorating “every hour” as Russian troops occupied more territory and “completely destroyed” a key city.

“The situation is very difficult and unfortunately it is only getting worse. It is getting worse every day and even with every hour,” Governor Sergei Gaidai said in a video in the Telegram. “Shelling is increasing. The Russian army (the main city) has decided to completely destroy Severodonetsk.”

“The city is being bombed by air strikes, multiple launches by rocket systems, artillery, mortars, tanks,” he said.

“They are just removing Severodonetsk from the face of the earth.”

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Russia.

Gaidai said the Russian military was trying to “break the Ukrainian line of defense” in Severodonetsk “from a different angle”.

He added that an important highway connecting the cities of Lisichansk and Bachmut was under constant fire.

“Driving there is really extremely dangerous,” he said.

Gaidai said that although the situation was “almost critical”, Ukrainian troops were still “holding on”.

“We are now like Mariupol. We have put all our efforts here so that they (the Russians) do not go further,” he said, referring to the Ukrainian port city of Ukraine, which has been ravaged by Russian forces and has become a symbol of fierce resistance.

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