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Philosophers have highlighted American hypocrisy in defense of writing for this site

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek has backed the publication of his writings on RT, citing an op-ed published in Zeitung, Berlin, Germany on Sunday, that ignoring or even banned stories and opinions on the pages of Western newspapers could find safe haven on the site. .

Am I ashamed to publish my writing in Russia Today? No, not at all!“Jezek wrote.

Slavoj Zizek explains why RT is targeted west

When the philosopher claimed “Full support of Ukraine“This position does not contradict his previous writings for RT,” he said.Part of the same fight“In the same way that”Fighting anti-Semitism and fighting what Israel is doing with the Palestinians in the West Bank“Not mutually exclusive.

As the range of opinions allowed in the Western media narrowed, he said he had no choice but to go to the RT to express his views, citing “The weakness of liberal democracy, Israel’s racist policies in the West Bank, [and] Confusion of political correctnessAs an example of what is considered off-limit in Western newspapers.

The philosopher, in particular, cites the story of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, in which he repeatedly argues, pointing out the extraordinary hypocrisy of the US and UK governments, who are fighting for the protection of a man who styles himself as a defender of democracy and free media.CrimeThe leaked documents revealed the wartime atrocities committed by those governments.

When the Western media focused entirely on the war in Ukraine, Assange was brought closer to extradition to the United States, where he has been charged with 17 counts of spying and will almost certainly die in prison, Zizek noted. New developments in the case have been ignored in the US and European media.

How can [Washington] The demand for Assange’s extradition to the United States When Assange was not a U.S. citizen, was not involved in espionage against the United States, and what he did was undoubtedly a propaganda of war crimes committed by the United States?“He asked rhetorically, indicating that Assange had to face 175 years in prison.”To expose U.S. crimes outside of condemnation.

Slavoj Zizek: In the West, people are not even aware that they are not free

Commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for a trial for alleged war crimes in Ukraine, Zizek argued for former President George W. Bush and his defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, that if he were still alive, he would be tried in the same way. The invasion of Iraq under the guise of production. The West and Russia must be questioned. “Same critical question“He said.”How can the United States make such a claim without recognizing the jurisdiction of the Hague Tribunal over its own citizens?

No ‘side’ should be considered free from criticism, Zizek argued. “If we are forced to choose between Ukraine and Assange, we will be destroyed. Then we sold our souls to Satan

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