Students help wheelchair-bound classmates during earthquakes in China, Internet

Viral video: Students help wheelchair-bound classmates during earthquake in China, Internet responds

On May 20, an earthquake shook Shimian County, China.

A video has gone viral on the Internet showing students in a Chinese classroom helping their specially able classmates to evacuate the room during an earthquake.

Eric Solheim, a former Norwegian diplomat, shared the clip with the caption, “Solidarity! On May 20, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook Sichuan Middle School, and teachers and classmates did not forget her in a wheelchair. “

The 31-second clip has more than 30,000 views and initially shows several students coming out of a classroom during an earthquake. After the initial moments, a student walks to the back row where a student is sitting in a wheelchair, and is seen helping the student out of the classroom with a teacher and other students.

The quake affected Shimian County in China on May 20. It was reported to have been a 4.8 magnitude earthquake and the video was recorded by a CCTV camera present in the classroom.

Social media users provided great examples of students’ quick thinking and humane gestures towards classmates.

User @ 0AshishB006 replied to the video, “There are some differences between classmates and friends. They are friends. “

Another user @sharim pointed to the students’ readiness, saying, “Amazing. They seem to have practiced this many times! Great example! Preparation drill is so important. In the school plans / drills organized by @geosafety and GeoHazIndia, two student friends each have been assigned for those who are suffering from mobility problems. ”

No casualties were reported after the quake.

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