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The Permanent Mission of Syria to the United Nations said on Friday that the United States must withdraw its troops from the country and pay compensation for the deaths of dozens of civilians in the 2019 airstrikes in Baghdad.

Damascus has categorically rejected a Pentagon report claiming it was not responsible for the attack, declaring its conclusion.A confession of negligence that calls for accountability.

The Pentagon released a report Tuesday claiming that airstrikes targeting the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS / ISIL) camp in Baghdad, Syria, on March 18, 2019, initially killed at least 70 people and violated the rules of engagement. Didn’t. War.

Washington’s assessment ultimately claims that only four of the 56 people killed in the 500-pound bombing were civilians. The report further claims that while “Civilians were within the radius of the explosion“As a result of civilian casualties, it was decided to drop a huge bomb.”Demonstrated awareness for non-combatants“However, to determine who was considered a terrorist, it used an Obama-era standard that by default classifies all slain military-aged men as fighters.”

The Pentagon is investigating

The Pentagon’s decision on the Syrian mission to the United Nations “A clear attempt to absolve the US occupation forces in Syria of their direct responsibility for civilian casualties on the pretext of fighting the terrorist organization ISIS.“And denied any claims that”Attempts have been made to differentiate between civilians and members of ISIS.“Like”Empty justice“For killing civilians.

These biased investigations cannot deny the existence of crimes against humanity in BaghdadThe mission told Newsweek on Friday. “Any reason given by the US administration for not violating the laws of war or the rules of engagement is to avoid the fact that the deployment of US forces in Syria is illegal and that they carry out military strikes under the pretext of fighting terrorism, without approval or. Coordination of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Despite the report clearing the U.S. military of any wrongdoing, the full text remains classified, with only a two-page summary released to the public. The blast site itself was quickly bulldozed and there were initial internal reports. “Delayed, Sanitized and Classified“According to the New York Times.

The report’s conclusion is in stark contrast to the comments made by US personnel on the ground at the time, a military analyst said.We just left out [the 500-pound bomb] Over 50 women and children“And others are questioning whether they witnessed war crimes.

Although the U.S. Central Command had previously acknowledged that 80 people had been killed in the strike and that only 16 had been ISIS terrorists, the military said in a statement that “60 more could be terrorists.”Islamic State women and children occasionally take up arms.

A recent report from the Pentagon even opposed the waterlogging results, acknowledging that “That administrative deficits contribute to the impression [Department of Defense] This was not the treatment [civilian casualty] The incident was serious, not transparent and did not follow its own protocolRelated to civilian casualties.

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The U.S. drone strike on an Afghan aid worker did not cause any “misconduct or negligence” that killed the child, a Pentagon investigation found.

International civil society groups have blown up Pentagon civilian casualty reporting protocols for their toothlessness, following a recent incident in Afghanistan in which an Afghan NGO worker and nine family members – including seven children – were killed in an airstrike targeting an ISIS terrorist. No one was found in the investigation. “Misconduct or negligenceOn behalf of the killers.

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