Texas police did nothing to stop the school shooter – parents – RT World News.

Police could not explain why it took an hour to break down the barricaded door and kill the gunman.

In Uvalade, Texas law enforcement officials declined to comment Thursday on why police officers did not enter an elementary school to kill the mass shooter for an hour. The guardian accused both local and federal police “I’m not doing anything” To put an end to the killings and to handcuff parents who tried to intervene.

Salvador Ramos, 18, shot dead 19 children and two adults at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde on Tuesday before being shot dead by a border patrol agent.

The community is still in mourning, and the response from local and federal law enforcement agents has come under intense scrutiny. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials first said Ramos was “Engaged” On the way to a school district police officer building, a story that has changed since then. Victor Escalon, DPS’s regional director, made the announcement on Thursday “Didn’t face anyone” On his way

The killer as soon as he enters “Interrupted himself” A DPS spokesman said on Wednesday that children and teachers had started firing inside and outside a classroom. Although police arrived at the scene within minutes, Escalan said in a media briefing that officers were unable to enter the classroom and neutralize the threat for an hour.

Under pressure from reporters, Escalan did not explain why officers could not enter the classroom, telling reporters that he “Back Circles” With an answer at a later time.

“Police did nothing” Angeli Rose Gomez, who has two children at Rob Elementary, told the Wall Street Journal. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going there or running anywhere. “

Gomez said it took him 40 minutes to learn to shoot and drive to school, but officers did not enter. When he raised his concerns with the federal marshals, he said he had been handcuffed and arrested for interfering in the active investigation. After local police marshals persuaded him to leave, Gomez said he jumped off the school fence and rescued his two children inside.

Videos shared on social media show more parents like Gomez begging officers to enter the school and save their children.

In a further twist of the story, the Wall Street Journal reports that when three Border Patrol agents finally entered the classroom, they simply asked the school principal for a master key and opened the door. One agent shot his shield, another was stabbed and a third killed a suspect, the paper said.

The names of the agents have not been released, but they are believed to be living in Uvalade. Uvalade is a border town and 70 miles (120 km) from Del Rio, the center of illegal immigration.

Tuesday’s massacre in Uvalade was the deadliest school shooting in America since the 2012 bloodbath at Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed 27 people, including 20 first-graders, before turning his weapon on himself.

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