Texas School has banned senior prank, students have taken it too far

Texas School has banned senior prank, students have taken it too far

The video on social media showed a group of students vandalizing the school.

A Texas high school has canceled classes on Thursday and Friday due to a terrible mistake. Friscoe Memorial High School approved a prank where a group of students planned to stick post notes to sort all the walls and place messages. But it quickly gets worse when videos are seen on social media where groups of students are vandalizing the school.

The video shows smoke coming out of a fire extinguisher as well as painting the walls with a long streamer.

According to FOX4 The school sent a letter to parents stating that “a small group of Memorial High School students were allowed to use post-brick notes on the wall last night to sort and message around the campus as part of their senior prank. Staff members were on site to monitor students, but the situation quickly escalated.” Developed and involved the Frisco Police and Fire Department. The students vandalized the campus in such a way that classes could not be held at MHS for the rest of the week. “

Although no injuries were reported, the school called both police and the fire department. The New York Post Reported that students involved may face potential criminal charges.

In a letter, school administrators said the damage was estimated at thousands of dollars and included wall painting, furniture destruction, fire extinguishers across campus and more. পৃষ্ঠ 300,000 sq ft. . Frisco ISD will blame students for the costs associated with cleaning. “

School administrators and officials plan to pay the students responsible for the compensation.

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