Texas shooter Salvador Rolando Ramos beaten at school, disturbed at home

The Texas shooter was bullied at school, disrupting home life: report

Ramos was shot dead by police, the report said.

New Delhi:

Salvador Rolando Ramos, the 18-year-old gunman who shot and killed 21 people, including 19 children, at a school in Texas, worked as a night manager at Wendy’s, a small, working-class community called Uvalade, according to media reports. After the armor, he entered Rob Primary School with a handgun and a semiautomatic rifle and fired at the children. The motive of the gunman is not yet clear.

US media reports quoted people who knew him as saying he “likes to joke”. The New York Times spoke to her coworkers at work who said she was “out of the way” and that no one really knew her.

According to the New York Times, two parents who said they were friends with the gunman’s family described him as serious and said he was in a bad mood. One remembers that he often talked to his mother in his younger years. But both were surprised that he might be able to do such violence.

State police say Ramos shot and seriously injured his grandmother at his home, the address of the gunman listed on his driver’s license before leaving for school.

The Washington Post quoted his friends and relatives as describing him as an 18-year-old lonely who “suffered from speech impediments as a child, suffered from a hectic domestic life and had violently beaten up colleagues and strangers in recent years.”

Ramos reportedly dropped out of school after repeated threats. “He missed a long time in high school, classmates said, and wasn’t on his way to graduating with them this year,” a report said.

The Washington Post quoted a friend as saying, “About a year ago, Ramos posted a picture of an automatic rifle on social media that would ‘be on his list of favorites’ … four days ago, he posted a picture of two rifles. He said ‘a picture of my gun.’ As mentioned. “

Several reports have suggested that Ramos had a troubled domestic life due to frequent quarrels with his mother, who is accused of being a drug addict.

Ramos was shot dead by police, the report said.

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