Texas Teen Insta Chat before shooting students

'I got a lil secret': He chatted with Texas teen Insta before shooting the students

Shooting at US school: The gunman’s last message was at 9.18am.

Just hours before the shooting at an elementary school in Texas, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos stopped a text message on social media – “I’m leaving.”

In the report, texting a girl from her Instagram account, Ramos added: “I’ve got a secret I want to tell you.” She added a smiley emoji to cover her face.

His last message at 9:16 in the morning.

At 11.32am, he was shooting young children at Uvalade Rob Primary School.

Nineteen of the 21 people he killed before being shot were children.

Ramos first texted the girl from his reported account @ salv8dor_ after tagging her in a picture of a gun. He texted her again on Tuesday morning, just before the shooting.

“I’m almost done,” he wrote in the message.

The girl asked, “What are you talking about?”

He replied: “I’ll tell you before 11 o’clock.”

Police say Ramos shot his grandmother before he left for school. He was a student at Uvalade High School before finding a job at Wendy’s Outlet.

According to reports, at the age of 18 he bought the gun used in the shooting legally.

His social media was full of photos of the gun he bought on his 18th birthday, citing state Senator Roland Guterres.

Under a new Texan law passed in September, 18-21 year olds could buy a gun if they had a protective order because they were at risk of domestic violence, backsliding, prostitution or sex trafficking.

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