The 15-year-old girl survived the lightning strike, revealing that it had entered her body

A 15-year-old girl survives a lightning strike, revealing that it entered her body through a pinky finger

No fire was reported.

On Monday, a 15-year-old girl survived a lightning strike that struck her home in Pennsylvania, USA. Among the at least five victims of the lightning strike was the home of Gianna Scarmuzzo.

Citing local news station WTAE, Newsweek The lightning was reported to have passed through Mrs. Scarmuzzo’s pink toes and out of her left foot. The teenager said she was OK and was being treated by paramedics. They check his blood pressure, which was normal, and send the results of an electrocardiogram – a test that measures the electrical activity produced by the heart – at a local hospital.

Talking WTAEThe 15-year-old said, “Suddenly I hear a loud thunderclap, and then I see thunderbolts, and I see it reflected from my mirror, and all of a sudden I feel a jolt in my pinky., And then it goes up in my body and Get out of my way. “

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Ms Scarmuzzo added that she was still “a little scared and still stunned”. “It’s just that I’m shaky and uncomfortable,” he said.

The lightning struck a “large hole” in Mrs. Scarmuzzo’s home and damaged other nearby property. However, the local fire department said there was no fire.

The incident happened earlier this month after a single toilet was destroyed by lightning in an Oklahoma apartment building. According to NewsweekExperts say about 10% of people die from lightning, usually due to a heart attack.

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To protect themselves, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people to stay indoors during lightning strikes and to turn off corded phones and not to use computers or electronic devices. People are advised to stay away from windows and doors and away from showers and other plumbing.

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