The 53-year-old landscape was killed by a huge swarm of bees hanging from a tree

The 53-year-old landscape was killed by a huge swarm of bees hanging from a tree

The incident will be investigated by the Austin Code Department. (Unsplash / representative image)

A U.S. landscaper died in a fatal crash on Thursday after being struck by a huge swarm of bees hanging from a tree.

According to Freedom, Franco Galvan Martinez of Texas was bitten by a bee while trying to do landscaping work in a yard. The 53-year-old climbed a ladder and got stuck in a plow attached to a tree when things took a terrible turn.

I’m talking KXAN NewsJoe Maldonado, an eyewitness to the incident, said Mr Martinez had disturbed Moucha while working at a house in Austin and had accidentally kicked her down the stairs. Insects then begin to attack the 53-year-old in swarms of swarms all around, and in the ensuing chaos, the landscaper gets stuck in mid-air due to plowing.

“I guess [a] Panicked, he tried to get the bees away from him, but he jumped off the stairs and left, “said Mr Maldonado. KXAN NewsSuch as Independent. He added that the beehive was “so extraordinary” that it literally covered Mr. Martinez instantly.

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Mr Maldonado said two of the hunting colleagues below tried to help the landscaper but were stunned. Emergency services were called to the scene, after which firefighters used their hose to clear the swarms of bees still swarming around Mr Martinez. However, Mr Maldonado said, “For more than 10 minutes, all they could do was listen to him (Mr Martinez) and endure the ordeal.”

The man’s family and friends have confirmed that an autopsy is pending. Mr. Martinez worked for Texas-based Landscape and Lightning Business Bill Biggadyk & Associates. The agency confirmed that one of its employees had died, but did not comment further.

Now, the Austin Code Department, which handles things like city beekeeping, has been given responsibility for the incident and an inspector will investigate the case.

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Meanwhile, it should be mentioned that according to a professional bee remover, in case of bee attack, you have to walk and try to get inside the house or in the car. Under no circumstances should you stop moving. Such as IndependentProfessional beekeepers have explained that after bees bite a person or animal, they release alarm pheromones that signal other bees to join the attack.

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