The British-American journalist – The Guardian – has searched RT World News

The news outlet was outraged that it had not informed its reporter about the Justice Department’s investigation

The U.S. Department of Justice secretly submitted a Guardian reporter’s personal phone account data during an investigation into leaks involving the Trump administration’s border policy, the UK-based media outlet wrote Thursday.

Officials seeking information on the administration’s Mexican border policy issued a subpoena to obtain Stephanie Kirchgassner’s phone subscriber information without informing The Guardian or Kirchgassner.

A US court has barred Biden from relaxing its border policy

The outlet was shocked to learn of the alleged breach of privacy by its employees, with editor-in-chief Catherine Weiner condemning the behavior as “”.A serious example of the violation of press freedom and public interest journalism by the US judiciary

Looking for a parent “An explanation of why and how this could happen, and … an apology“Weiner continued, adding that he would also claim.”Assurance that our reporter’s details will be deleted [US Department of Justice] The system and the press will not be used for any further violation

The investigation into the leak was conducted by the Inspector General of Housing and Urban Development, and the IG’s office in the Justice Department sought to determine whether sensitive information had been leaked to The Guardian, New York Times and NBC. However, The Guardian claims that it was the only one of these publications to be subpoenaed on a reporter’s cell phone.

Kirchgaessner’s phone information was submitted from his service provider, but when “Basic customer information“Like”Name, address and length of service“Received, claimed in report”Communication content”Was not.

The reporter published two articles by the administration in 2020 based on “sensitive information”.Zero toleranceBorder policy, which seeks to block the flow of immigrants across the southern U.S. border by threatening to separate illegal immigrants from their children, one of the articles demonstrates that former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein personally called for the trial of immigrant parents and the other Feder. The judicial nominee was involved in the removal of a Texas prosecutor who spoke out against family separation at the border.

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The United States has long monitored journalists digging for enforcement activity along the Mexican border. In 2019, it emerged that a coalition of agents from Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Border Patrol, Homeland Security Investigation and the FBI was working with US Border Policy and an investigator to track down about 59 journalists and staff. . The reaction of the Central American immigrant caravan to the country at that time.

An employee of the DOJ inspector general’s office resigned earlier this week following an investigation into leaks involving the Trump administration’s border policy.

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