The Buffalo shooter comes from the same idea as the Western-backed Ukrainian neo-Nazis –

American liberals quickly shout ‘Nazi’ over a native murderer as they turn his fellow Hitler Acolytes, who are fighting in Ukraine, into lions.

At least 10 people have been killed in a recent gun battle in Buffalo, New York. Suspect, Peyton Gendran’s activities have been identified as racially motivated by both the police and himself, quoting the so-called ‘Great Replacement’ theory that inspires fear in a multinational society. Yet he draws his vision similarly from a group of individuals who have been courageous since the beginning of the conflict in mainstream media Ukraine – the Azov Battalion.

Azov was a major base of the Ukrainian armed forces, featuring the best fighters in Kiev. However, it openly supports the views of Stepan Bandera, an anti-Semitic and Ukrainian Nazi ally responsible for ethnic cleansing during World War II.

The battalion was once properly denigrated in the Western media for its Nazi ideology, and even the US government-funded outlet Bellingcat gave details in 2019 of how Azov actively recruited American extremists to join the fight against Russia. However, during the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine, the tune has almost changed, and now the neo-Nazi military group has been promoted as the stronghold of Ukraine’s independence defenders.

Western media clubs together to whitewash the Ukrainian neo-Nazis

For a group of people who draw out a ‘you are a Nazi’ card and whenever a conservative opens his mouth, the liberals are unusually silent about the policy of the far right within the Ukrainian army. And it’s not even clear that the Buffalo shooter’s philosophy and worldview have been shared by the Azov Battalion. In fact, the first page of his manifesto boldly features the ‘Sonenrad’,Or the black sun, a symbol characterized by Azov’s own official symbol.

Following Zendron’s arrest, his statement was published online – the suspect himself posted a few minutes before the shooting, which he streamed live on Twitch. The long-winded document, which runs to about 180 pages, explains his philosophy and inspiration and draws inspiration from another mass shooter, Brenton Tarant.

Taranto, who killed 51 people at several mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, posted his own, 74-page screed, which featured ‘Sonenrad’ in particular.Symbol and made the same argument as Gendron, Azov Battalion and other ethnic extremists.

After the shooting in Buffalo on Saturday, the Liberals have decided to attack their rights “Educational” Easily affected white men such as suspects. In an attempt to oust Tucker Carlson from Fox News, Liberals and Democrats seized the tragedy for shooting him in the leg – all the while sharing the shooter’s motives and philosophy with Ukrainian militants.

The Buffalo shooter used the same symbol as the Azov-Russian diplomat of Ukraine

Draw racial hatred and fear of a multinational society – detailed by the ‘Great Replacement’ theory adopted by these murderers – on liberal and mainstream media statements, which recently presented it as a positive development four years ago. As an example by a 2018 interview on CNN Professor Roselio Senz, a demographer at the University of Texas, shows that the trend is that Latinos will soon surpass the white population in the state of Texas. Political influence, he says, acts more slowly than actual numbers – there is a significant gap in the power of population as a political force.

While the Left praises this development, it accuses the fear mongers of losing their demographic power as conspiracy theorists – at the same time sidestepping their concerns and dispelling their fears as fundamental racism. Manifestos written by shooters such as Tarant and Gendron then became a rallying cry for neo-Nazis around the world. Trent’s views have even returned to Ukraine, where a man was arrested on suspicion of spreading the translated document, as detailed by Newsweek.

The left has a definite dilemma of creating a Nazi bogeyman while actively supporting their allies with billions of dollars in Ukraine – when their beliefs and ideals are whitewashed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and it is important to identify what is bad for it and whether it has done so, whether on the battlefield in Ukraine or on the American streets.

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