The experience of death near the party coup, the new Prime Minister of Australia has seen it all

The experience of death near the party coup, the new Prime Minister of Australia has seen it all

Australian election: Anthony Albanese is the newly elected Prime Minister of Australia.

Australia’s newly elected Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was taken to hospital after being hit by a four-wheeler last year.

“I thought that was it,” he told a local radio station.

At the time, his Labor Party was behind the Conservative government in opinion polls, fighting to pass the Covid-19 epidemic.

But the experience of near death has changed his life, Albanian told the media.

As a result, the Leader of the Opposition, 59, has recovered on all fronts: recovering from serious injuries, quitting the party leadership’s coup and dropping 18 kilograms (40 pounds) – an image correction that raised some eyebrows.

Her suits have been tailored from baggy, her book wire-framed glasses have been switched to “Mad Men” -style black full-rim.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

Public housing

Albanese, nicknamed “Albo”, was elected to parliament in 1996, and in his first speech, his mother, Marianne Ellery, thanked him for raising her in a difficult situation.

The couple lived in public housing in Sydney during their childhood in Albany, and their single mother often struggled to make ends meet.

“It says a lot about this country,” he said in an emotional voice on the eve of his election. “Someone from that beginning … can stand in front of you today, hoping to be elected Prime Minister of this country tomorrow.”

The aspiring politician joined the leftist Labor Party in high school and later became deeply involved in student politics at the University of Sydney.

‘We found each other’

He was the first person in his family to go to university and said that the roots of his working class formed his worldview.

Albanese says his mother, a Catholic, decided to take his father’s name.

“I was told she was dead. It’s a tough decision. It says something about the pressure on women,” she said.

Her only child, Nathan, born in 2000, inspired Albany to meet her own father to help her find him with just one photo.

The couple was able to reunite in her father’s Italian city of Barletta before Carlo Albaniz died in 2014.

“Our last conversation was that he was glad we got each other,” the politician told ABC.

In the 26 years since Albany was elected to the first parliament, Labor has held the government for only five years – in the turbulent terms of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

Albanese became the first minister after Rudd’s election victory in 2007 and finally took over the leadership of the opposition after the party’s crushing defeat in 2019.


Labor leaders have occasionally stumbled across campaigns, including forgetting the country’s unemployment and core debt.

“Everyone will make mistakes in their lives. The question is whether you will learn from it or not. This government is repeating the same mistakes,” he said.

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