The fugitive UK detainee called the local paper and said the jail was driving him “crazy”

The fugitive UK detainee called the local paper and said that the prison had driven him 'crazy'

Gregor Gray has worked for 17 years for armed robbery.

A man who escaped from a UK prison earlier this month told his local newspaper that the prison was driving him “crazy”.

According to BBC, Gregor Gray escaped from Sudbury’s HM Prison in Derbyshire on 15 May, after which police began searching for the fugitive. Police said Mr Gray had contacts in the Leicester and Birmingham areas and described him as black, 5 feet 11 inches and stock build. Officials warned the public not to approach the fugitive.

Since then, Mr Gray has contacted his local newspaper to tell them why he fled before promising to return. The 42-year-old called Birmingham Live And expressed his struggle to an undoubted reporter. He told the media that he has been in jail for the last 18 years. “It’s driving me crazy,” he said.

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The 42-year-old fugitive told the media outlet in an emotional phone call, “I thought about giving them the raw, unexpressed emotion that I deal with every day.”

Mr Gray did not disclose his current position, but said he would return in time for a June 14 parole hearing.

It is understood Mr Grey was sentenced to 17 years in prison for armed robbery, although his initial sentence was a minimum of three years. But Birmingham Live Reportedly, Mr. Gray is behind bars or has been referred to as a prisoner of conscience (IPPs). The controversial sentence means detainees must meet a minimum term before applying to the parole board for release.

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IPPs were canceled in 2012 after a backlash. However, the ban was not preceded and does not affect those already under an IPP before 2012, which means that those convicted before 2012 are still subject to their terms and must apply to the Parole Board even after their minimum term. .

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