The Kremlin has explained the relaxed position on possible NATO expansion

Unlike Ukraine, Finland and Sweden have no territorial disputes with Russia, the Kremlin press secretary said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained why Ukraine’s NATO aspirations were more of a concern for Russia than Finland and Sweden, which on Sunday officially announced they wanted to join the US-led military bloc.

“We have no territorial disputes with Finland or Sweden. Ukraine could potentially become a member of NATO, and in this case would have a regional dispute with Russia, a member state in the alliance, which would pose a huge risk to the entire continent. Peskov told reporters on Monday.

He was referring to the situation around Crimea, which voted in favor of being part of Russia after splitting with Ukraine in a referendum in 2014. However, Kyiv has been telling the peninsula – where there is a Russian-speaking majority – “Occupied Territories” And finally promised to regain control of it.

Ensuring Ukraine becomes a neutral state that will never join NATO is one of the main reasons for the ongoing military operation in Moscow.

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Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) © AFP / Kenzo Tribouillard
Finns and Swedes will not benefit from NATO – think-tank chief

However, Moscow is still monitoring the latest possible expansion of NATO “Most thoroughly” To assess its consequences for Russia’s national security, the spokesman noted.

“We are not sure about the inclusion of Sweden and Finland [which shares a 1,340-kilometer (832-mile) land border with Russia] One way or another, security is going to strengthen and improve the architecture on our continent. “ Peskov says.

Sweden and Finland were outside the US-led bloc during the Cold War, but their governments now claim that the conflict in Ukraine has become a game-changer for them.

U.S. lawmakers can approve NATO requests by Stockholm and Helsinki “Before August,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday. Their colleagues in the other 29 members of the coalition could do it faster, McConnell suggested. Welcoming new members to the alliance requires the approval of all NATO members.

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Last week, Bid of Sweden and Finland faced sudden opposition from Turkey, which condemned the two Nordic countries. “Guesthouse of a terrorist organization” To shelter members of the Kurdish group banned by Ankara. However, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircia Giona on Sunday expressed confidence that the bloc would be able to overcome Turkey’s objections.

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