The McLean collection has become the most expensive at auction with a value of $ 922 million

It is by far the most expensive art collection to be auctioned.  Cost ...

MacLean Collection: Andy Warhol’s “Self Portrait” sold for .7 18.7 million.

New York:

The famous MacLean collection, the subject of a bitter divorce between a New York property developer and his ex-wife, has become the most expensive art collection sold at auction on Monday.

A spokesman told AFP that his second offer from the Sotheby’s collection sold for 6 246.1 million, bringing the group’s total value of paintings to 22 922.2 million.

It surpassed the হওয়া 835.1 million sold by the Rockefeller collection in 2018, the highest total ever made by a single personal collection at auction.

Among the highlights of Monday evening’s sale were Mark Rothkor’s “Untitled” for $ 48 million and Gerhard Richter’s “Cystic” for $ 30.2 million.

Andy Warhol’s “Self Portrait” sold for 18.7 million and Willem de Kuning’s “Untitled” sold for $ 17.8 million.

Sotheby’s won the right to sell McLean’s work in September. It sold 35 pieces in November for $ 676.1 million before selling the remaining 30 pieces on Monday.

Sotheby’s described the paintings as “emerging on the market as the most significant collection of modern and contemporary art.”

During the divorce proceedings, Harry MacLean and his ex-wife Linda could not agree on the value of the huge collection.

A New York judge ruled in 2018 that they should sell 65 jobs and share the profits.

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