The Moldovan leader called for a fair trial against his predecessor

Mia Sandu cited procedural irregularities in the case of former President Igor Dodon

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has called on the Prosecutor General’s Office to conduct a fair investigation into the case against former President Igor Dodon and to address alleged violations during the investigation.

During a press briefing on Friday, the Moldovan leader said prosecutors must determine how the investigation into Dodon was conducted on Tuesday and how photos of the process were leaked to the press the day before.

The former president, who led the country from 2016-20, was arrested on May 24 on suspicion by Moldova’s anti-corruption authorities. “Passive Corruption, Illegal Financing of Political Parties and Illegal Prosperity,” According to his lawyer. A day later, he was also charged with corruption and treason.

Sandu said Dodon should be investigated “Maximum transparency” I hope that “The prosecutor’s office is not involved in the political game by order or on its own initiative, as it would further discredit the prosecutor’s office, the judiciary and our European future.”

Dodon, now one of the leaders of the Moldovan Socialist Party (PSRM), which has historically called for better relations with Russia, has denied all allegations, claiming he has returned. “The goal of orchestrated and politically regulated justice.” He insisted, however, that he had it all “Necessary explanations that dispel suspicions of corruption and lawlessness.”

Dodon further asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Sandu, however, claimed that he first learned of Dodon’s arrest through the press and read about the search of his property while on vacation in the United States, adding that he was concerned about leaks to reporters.

“I want the country to have an independent and professional judiciary that respects the law. This is what I advocate and work. Corruption is a serious problem in the country. And the gentleman involved in the case (Eger Dodon), if he thinks he’s honest, shouldn’t worry. Sandu said.

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Allegations of sedition against the former president

According to the prosecutor general’s office, the allegations against Dodon are linked to the ‘bag case’, which is based on 2019 video footage alleging that the former president was offered a bag, possibly a bag full of money, by a now-exiled businessman. Although Dodon was not seen accepting the bag, investigators suspect that its contents were intended to finance his PSRM party.

The video was released in 2020, but at the time, prosecutors decided not to prosecute, citing insufficient evidence. Last week, however, Interim Prosecutor General Dumitru Robu ordered the resumption of the criminal investigation.

Dodon’s arrest has sparked outrage from the PSRM, which has been staging protests in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau, demanding the immediate release of the former president and the termination of criminal proceedings against him.

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