The pet dog put her on American Women’s Life Support after she “butt” her head while playing

The American woman put him on life support after making him a 'head butt' while playing with a pet dog

Mrs. Stevenson is back in the country and suffering a major side effect. (Unsplash / representative image)

In the United States, a dog owner was placed on life support when his dog accidentally bit his head on his chin. According to Independent, Erin Stevenson said she was in the yard with her Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Sky, in January when her canine accidentally hit her while playing. The 41-year-old says he rarely thought about the incident until three days later – when he woke up unable to swallow and rushed himself to the hospital.

Mrs. Stevenson explained that she and her dog were involved in an otherwise friendly romp outside. The five-year-old dog then described Jumis as an “exciting case” for a brief description of the dog’s owner when the dog receives an explosive and unexplained energy explosion that is solved by the animal wandering around the house. Or yards he said as Sky zoomed in and stuck his head under his chin in excitement.

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Afterwards, the 41-year-old allegedly said that the initial bump on his chin did not create any serious alarm. However, three days later he revealed that he woke up and realized that he could not swallow, after which he decided that a trip to the hospital was necessary.

According to Independent, Mrs Stevenson said her initial symptoms were presented to doctors with some jigsaws for diagnosis. But they finally decided that the butt of Canine’s head had cracked his molasses and caused a severe boil in his jaw.

“It swelled so much in my face and neck that the doctors were worried that my airways were breaking,” said Mrs Stevenson. He added that the doctors decided to keep him on life support and intubate him so that he could breathe. Further, the 41-year-old revealed that he spent weeks after Christmas in Life Support.

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Two of his molars were removed and a tube was inserted into his neck to drain the abscess fluid from the infection. Independent Reported that although Mrs. Stevenson was on life support, her husband, Scott, who she believed really enjoyed the job from the ordeal.

“I told her to tell my family that I love them,” she said.

But fortunately, Mrs. Stevenson has brought it home and is now experiencing only one major side effect from an accident with her playful puppy – she can only open her mouth at a certain point.

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