The Prime Minister of Australia has acknowledged as soon as Labor took office

Scott Morrison has conceded defeat in the federal election

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded defeat after the country’s federal election on Saturday, calling on Labor leader Anthony Albanese to congratulate him on his victory. The prime minister admitted in a televised speech from the Liberal headquarters in Sydney that he would step down as party leader.

It is appropriate to acknowledge the effectiveness of our democracy on a night like tonight. I have always believed in the Australians and their verdicts and I was always ready to accept their verdicts and tonight they gave their verdictsMorrison said.

The Liberal Party lost more than 12 seats in the election. Although the vote count did not end during Morrison’s rebate speech, the Labor Party’s victory seemed certain, winning at least 72 of the 151 seats in parliament. Morrison’s Liberals have arrested only 54 people, while independents and third parties – led by Greens, who have so far achieved their best election results – have netted 11 so far, according to ABC. Labor needs eight seats to form a majority government.

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Morrison, who served only one term, was not the only prominent Liberal to lose the election. Treasurer Josh Friedenberg, who is considered a potential successor to Morrison, was also fired.

Morrison’s Conservative government was widely pan-run to participate in the election, which many saw as extremely weak management of the devastating fires before the Covid-19 epidemic and natural disasters, especially the coronavirus outbreak.

“Albanian thanks its voters for this.”Vote[ing] For a changePromising, he made a number of policy points in his winning speechEnd the climate war“Turn one on”National Anti-Corruption Commission“Strengthen the country’s healthcare and care for the elderly and turn Australia into a”Renewable energy is superpower.His first win for Labor since 2007.

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