The U.S. Zoo celebrates the birth of critically endangered red wolf dogs

The U.S. Zoo celebrates the birth of critically endangered red wolf dogs

A critically endangered red wolf dog has been born at Roger Williams Park Zoo in the United States.

A picture of a puppy from a critically endangered species of red wolf is going viral on social media. It shows the puppy sleeping next to the mother wolf, and Roger Williams Park Zoo in the United States has shared on Twitter.

“Red wolf, brave and Diego first parents !! Born on May 5, it is a historic birth for our zoo and a symbol of hope for the survival of this species. Only 15-20 red wolves live in the forest. It has been born on RWPZoo since 2005. The first red wolf, ”reads the caption.

The brave mother wolf (age 6) has been taking care of the baby since birth. The 23-day-old puppy is brave and Diego’s first successful birth, the zoo said in a press release.

Only 15-20 red wolves are in the wild, all found in East North Carolina.

Zoo keepers and veterinarians use an infrared camera installed inside their newly created birth den to watch the mother wolf and her baby. Although the puppies have been observed to be fed and gain weight slowly, the next month is an important time for the puppy to grow, they say.

On Twitter, the post received more than 796 likes, and users also made sincere comments.

“So beautiful. It’s great to see new life for this species, ”wrote one user.

Another said, “Oh, congratulations brave and Diego!”

By the 1980’s, red wolves were almost extinct in the wild. The last 14 wild red wolves were brought to the zoo as part of the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) – a collaboration between the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Association of Zoo and Aquariums (AZA).

The goal was to establish a captive breeding program to serve as the basis for the wild population, which could then be reintroduced with the wild.

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