The United States and South Korea have retaliated against the North

Washington and Seoul show strength in response to Pyongyang’s latest missile test

The United States and South Korea have combined warplanes and launched a number of surface-to-surface missiles since the North’s latest weapons test, launching three projectiles at sea.

Seoul’s military has assembled about 30 F-15 fighter jets and fired a Hyunmoo-II missile into the East Sea, its Joint Chiefs of Staff said, citing Yonhap, the U.S. military fired a MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS). In the same vein, both in retaliation for Pyongyang’s series of missile tests on Wednesday morning.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff also acknowledged that a similar “Elephant Walk” exercise had been conducted with several new F-35 fighters the day before Pyongyang’s latest test. “Prevent the provocation of ballistic missiles.”

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North Korea fired three missiles after the quad reprimanded it

President Eun Suu Kyi’s office has strongly condemned Pyongyang’s test – involving at least three projectiles – one believed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) – the other. “Serious provocations that violate UN Security Council resolutions increase tensions on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia and threaten international peace.” 

Uno ordered “Measures to Enable Increased Resistance and Strengthening of South Korea-US Joint Defense Stance” And to increase readiness throughout Seoul’s military.

Pyongyang’s 17th missile test came shortly after US President Joe Biden left Japan for Washington this year, following his first official visit to Asia, which lasted five days.

Officials in Seoul say the ICBM is thought to have traveled about 224 miles (360 kilometers) and reached an altitude of 335 miles (540 kilometers). Japan has also identified the launch, reporting that a missile flew at one. “Irregular trajectory” For a distance of about 466 miles (750 kilometers), when the country’s defense chief said it landed outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

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