The United States plans to close the gap between the supply crisis

'Operation Fly Formula': US plan to bridge the supply crisis

US Supply Crisis: This crisis is the result of a perfect storm of supply chain problems.


The White House said Wednesday that the U.S. government will fly child-friendly commercial aircraft contracted by the military in an airlift aimed at closing the country’s major deficit.

Lack of resources – a perfect storm of supply chain problems and the result of a massive withdrawal – has left parents increasingly desperate and a political headache for President Joe Biden during the midterm elections.

The Department of Defense will “use its agreements with commercial air cargo lines, such as to transport goods in the first months of the Kovid epidemic, to transport goods from overseas manufacturing facilities that meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety standards,” the White House said. .

“Bypassing regular air freight routes will speed up the import and distribution of formulas and serve as an immediate aid as manufacturers continue to increase production,” it said, dubbing the “Operation Fly Formula” effort.

Biden also called for the Defense Production Act to give first priority to the supply of baby formula manufacturers.

The White House said in a statement that directing companies to prioritize and allocate key child source inputs would help increase production and speed up the supply chain.

Initially due to supply chain disruptions and epidemics, the shortage was exacerbated in February when, following the deaths of two children, manufacturer Abbott Michigan announced a “voluntary withdrawal” of formulas from its factory and shut them down. That position below.

Subsequent investigations clarified the source and the FDA reached an agreement with Abbott on Monday to resume production. But it will take weeks for the critical product to return to store shelves.

Gorgeous ceremony of gap calculation

Biden wrote in a letter to the heads of the Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services that the import of the formula “will serve as a bridge to this growing production.”

“I urge you to act swiftly to identify any and all ways to speed up the safe infant formula import and storage shelves in the United States,” the president wrote.

Deficiencies have left many parents worried and worried that their children could go hungry. The formula is a must for many families, especially in low-income families where mothers have to return to work almost immediately after giving birth and they cannot breastfeed.

Another problem is that the price of the formula has skyrocketed.

Parental frustration is highlighted on social media, with posts shared thousands of times urging people to create formulas at home – a move that pediatricians have warned against.

“It will not meet the nutritional needs of your baby, it can be very dangerous for their growth and development and may even make your baby sick,” said Tania Altman, founder and co-founder of Calabasas Pediatrics in California.

There is also the political consequence of a lack of sources, with Republican opponents – who have focused on regaining control of Congress in the mid-November elections – taking up the issue to reprimand Biden and the Democrats.

The United States relies on domestic producers for the 98 percent infant formula that it adopts. The average stock rate for the original product reached 43 percent earlier this month, according to a data collection that collects data from more than 11,000 retailers.

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