The US has blocked the ‘Information Board’

The government’s Disinformation Governance Board has reportedly been shut down following a wave of online criticism

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given its Disinformation Governance Board a “break,” the Washington Post claimed in a story released Wednesday. The outlet blamed online for this decision “Right-wing attack” Its chief of staff, Nina Jankovic, has been confirmed to be resigning from the government.

According to PostDHS decided to close the board on Monday and Jankowicz drafted his resignation on Tuesday morning, only to be pulled into a conference call on Tuesday evening and offered to stay in some power.

The Homeland Security Advisory Council is currently reviewing whether the board should be closed completely, while DHS working groups “Suspended, focusing on erroneous, dis- and bad-information.” Post report.

After the story was published, Janakovic confirmed his resignation in a statement issued through a spokesman. “I decided to leave DHS to go back to my work in public.” He writes, noting that the board has been working “The break and its future are uncertain.”

“It is deeply disappointing that the misrepresentation of the board has become a distraction from the important work of the department, and indeed, with recent events worldwide and nationally, it embodies why it is necessary.” Jankowicz added.

The DHS has not officially commented on the status of the board. This is stated in a statement given in the post “Jankowicz has been the victim of unreasonable and heinous personal attacks and physical threats.”

Much of the story, written by controversial columnist Taylor Lorenz, focuses on what he says “Integrated Online Attack” Against Jankowicz, under whose leadership he said “Far right dominant” Jack Posobic, editor of Human Events.

Jankowicz announced the creation of the board on 27 April and its role in it. It didn’t take long for critics to highlight Democrat activism and its own online history. “Russiagate” New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop being faked – truth – for attempts to censor “Russian influence op.”

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
The US government has defended the ‘Ministry of Truth’

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas defends Djankovic “Featured” And a “Famous experts in confusion,” He did not question his objectivity.

Jankowicz, 33, previously worked for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – the Post used a 2019 photo taken at his campaign headquarters as the cover of his article – as well as the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the US National Democratic Institute, where he runs Russia and Belarus.

The purpose of the board was “Big bad character” A spokesman for the department told the Post that this was not the purpose of the police statement. “In stark contrast, its focus is on ensuring that freedom of speech is protected.”

On the other hand, anonymous DHS staff and congressional staffers told Lorenz that Jankovic “Set up to fail” By the Biden administration, which was “Uncertain about its messaging” And “Unprepared” To resist his online criticism.

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