The vase kept in the kitchen has finally turned 250 years old, auctioned for 1.5 rupees

The vase kept in the kitchen has finally turned 250 years old, auctioned for 1.5 million pounds

The vase is decorated with storks and bats.

A vase kept in the British kitchen has sold for 1.5 million pounds. The rare 18th century Chinese vase was bought by an English surgeon in the 1980s for hundreds of pounds. Guardian Report

Measuring two feet in height, the 250-year-old gold pattern is decorated with cranes and bats, The Guardian reports. It was built in the 1700s for the court of Emperor Qianlong, it added.

The English auction house Drewets manages the sale of the vase. It was initially estimated the artifact was worth ,000 150,000.

But when it goes under the hammer, a bidding battle begins and Dani eventually goes for 44 1,449,000, which includes a buyer’s premium – setting a record at Drewets.

The porcelain is decorated with a six-letter seal at the base of the vase, a feature of the Qianlong era, the auction house said.


It was created for the court of the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty – Qianlong Emperor – and was created using innovative heating techniques to achieve its blue, gold and silver colors, he added.

The vase was sold to an international buyer by telephone, Guardian Report

Mark Newstead, an expert consultant on Asian ceramics and artwork at Dreweatts, said in a statement that bidding interest came from China, Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom.

He spoke CNN And told the outlet, “A fantastic result and we are fortunate to be able to sell it at Drewwates.”

This is not the first time that old patterns have been sold at such a high price at auction. In March last year, a 15th-century blue-and-white Chinese bowl sold for 1 721,800. It was bought at a yard sale for 35.

Then, in October 2021, a 16th-century Italian dish discovered in a drawer fetched over $ 1.7 million at auction.

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