Tom Hanks Fans Spot ‘Forest Gump’ at Queen’s Event, Causes Online Insanity

Tom Hanks Fans Spot Forrest Gump at Queen's Event, Cause of Online Insanity

The guy leaning out the door has created an online frenzy.

Fans of Tom Hanks went into a frenzy on Twitter after a photo of the Elizabeth train line opening on Thursday showed the “Forest Gump” star. The photo was first posted by Valentine Lowe, the royal correspondent for The Times of London, and quickly went viral.

The photo was taken when the British King made a surprise visit to Paddington station to officially open the new Elizabeth tube line, named in her honor.

Photographs of the event show the queen wearing a yellow dress as the train line opened. It was a crowded area, where officials surrounded Queen Elizabeth, but the background to the photo made social media users most interested.

It shows a man leaning against the door and looking at the queen. The man had a strange resemblance to Tom HanksForrest Gump

“I had to zoom in directly to check if it was Forest Gump,” one user tweeted. The post has received about 250,000 likes so far.

Huffington Post Reach out to the user who first highlighted the person’s presence. The man did not reveal his full name, but told the outlet, “I just noticed that someone’s picture was hidden behind and I zoomed in to see what’s going on.” Look and ‘Forrest’ is looking back at me and it immediately appears as a static for some time of the scene deleted from the film.

Other users also joined the chorus. “The best thing about meeting the Queen is food! Now, since it was all free, and I was not hungry but thirsty, I must have drunk fifteen Dr. Peppers, “said another Twitter user, quoting from the 1994 hit movie.

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