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Archbishop punishes Nancy Pelosi for advocating abortion, says decision “priestly, not political”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) will not be able to receive the Holy Communion at the San Francisco Archdiocese unless she presents herself to the Eucharist. “Publicly denies” His support for abortion was announced Friday by Archbishop Salvatore Cordilion.

Pelosi says he is a devout Roman Catholic, but has called on Democrats to vote for Americans to legalize abortion after questioning a leaked Supreme Court opinion practice.

“After countless attempts to talk to him to help him understand the serious evil he is doing, the scandal he is causing, and the danger he poses to his own soul, I have decided that the point is where I need to do one. The public declaration that she would not be admitted to the Holy Communion until she publicly rejects her support for the ‘right’ to abortion and confesses and apologizes for her cooperation in this evil act of austerity. Cordilleon wrote a letter to the Catholic faithful.

The archbishop said he had informed Pelosi, a member of his archdiocese, of the decision on Thursday. As of Friday afternoon, he had not commented publicly. He described himself as one “Regular communicator” In a 2008 interview, and being told communication would be denied “A serious injury.”

The US VP has warned of the consequences of banning abortions

Cordilleon noted that his instructions only apply to his archdiocese, which means Pelosi can still get communion in Washington, DC and elsewhere. He said the decision was in line with church law, which barred communication between them “Remaining steadfast in public serious sin.”

In a separate letter to the archdiocese priests, Cordilleon stated that he was not “Arming the Eucharist” And that was his purpose “Priestly, not political.” She said she had repeatedly tried to meet with Pelosi since September 2021, when she announced her support for codification of abortion rights in law and told her “Reject this position, otherwise refrain from mentioning his Catholic faith in public and accepting Holy Communion.”

Informing his clergy that Pelosi had refused to meet with him or reply to his letter, Archbishop Cordilleon said that his “The priest’s advice has been resisted for a long time.” And was “Nothing more can be done at this point to help the speaker understand the seriousness of his advocacy for abortion and the seriousness of the scandal he is causing.”

The Roman Catholic Church considers abortion a sin. It is now considered valid in the United States due to a 1973 Supreme Court decision in Rowe v. Wade, which the country’s highest court could soon overturn – according to a draft opinion leaked to the media earlier this month.

Speaking at an event in Texas in March, Pelosi described himself “Very Catholic, devout, practicing, all of this” And the church said “I want to get out” But he insisted the court should not overturn Rowe v. Wade.

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