Top US leaders warn of ‘conflict between superpowers’ – RT World News

The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, has described China and Russia as “global powers” fighting the United States.

Possibility of a military confrontation “In great power“Rising,” said Mark Millie, chair of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Speaking to graduates of the US Military Academy West Point on Saturday, Millie said:There is a possibility of a significant international conflict between the great powers in the world you are employing.“General Added”That possibility is increasing, not decreasing.

Millie described both China and Russia as “separate.”Significant military power“And intent”Change the current rule-based order.

He further added that the ongoing war in Ukraine highlights some of the key features of the future battlefield, which will be “Extremely complex and almost certainly decisive against elusive, obscure enemies in urban areas that combine conventional power as well as terrorism and war – all embedded within a large civilian population.

Russia has promised to respond to the new NATO expansion

In addition, Millie predicted radical changes in military technology, similar to replacing rifles with muskets and machine guns. Among the hardware to dominate future battlefields “Robotic tanks and ships and airplanes,“As usual.

He further added that the technological edge is no longer essential for America.

What was once the exclusive territory of the United States military is now available to most states with the money they acquired.Millie warned. He further added that the development of artificial intelligence means “What we’ve enjoyed militarily in the United States for the last 70 years is rapidly closing down,“Already with Washington”Every aspect of space and cyber, sea air and of course land warfare has been challenged.

Millie called on the US military to adapt and be resilient.Incredible character in the intense pressure of ground warfare.

Millie is not the first to make such an assessment. In early April, he told U.S. lawmakers that “The potential for significant international conflict is growing, not diminishing.He also described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.Not just European peace and stability, but the threat to world peace and stability that my parents and a generation of Americans fought so hard to protect.

China was also mentioned in the general’s speech at that time.

He, along with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, argued before the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services that these perceived threats justified the record-breaking $ 773 billion budget the U.S. Department of Defense is requesting for the next fiscal year.

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